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Not ready for the intensity of the boot camp?

Not only do we have the outdoor summer training camps, we also offer private, in-home trainingyear-round to focus on specific skills & behaviours with you & your canine pal. We are even available to meet for a private lesson at a local, dog-friendly park in order to help with socialization skills.

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INTERACTIng with the community

We are dedicated to creating a strong and healthy Ottawa dog community by training dogs and educating dog lovers on behavior, care and communication. We are excited to partner with local organizations, agencies and festivals forinteractive information seminars & workshops on various subjects such as dog anxiety, body language, potty training, crate training, and more.

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Now that you have learned about us and our dogs, we would love to meet you and your four-legged family.

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Sam’s passion for animals began while volunteering at a local dog rescue here in Ottawa. It was her duty to help these lovable and misunderstood dogs find their perfect furever home and it required training and a lot of patience. Aside from rescuing, she has worked in pet retail, gaining an abundance of knowledge on pet well-being and pet behavior. She has experience handling dogs of all breeds & sizes, through supervised group play sessions, and basic grooming. She has shadowed Kelsie since 2013, gaining valuable dog training knowledge and experience.

    In her pack, there is Jenna & Luca, both husky shepherd mixes adopted at 1 year old.  There is also Cadia, a boxer mix adopted from the local rescue Sam volunteered with. They are great dogs and have overcome various obstacles such as anxiety, leash difficulties, jumping, etc. all because of Sam's determination and patience.

Kelsie has been an accredited dog trainer since 2012. Fascinated by animals from a young age, she was raised alongside a variety of pets and breeds, making her comfortable handling dogs of any age or size. She loves to help people feel confident handling their pet, allowing them to foster a healthy, affectionate bond with a well-mannered canine. She has extensive experience helping with new puppies, guiding people through the adventures of puppyhood, including potty, crate, and leash training, teething/mouthing, proper obedience and socialization with people and dogs.   

Kelsie is determined and fearless when it comes to rehabilitating rescue dogs, helping correct different behavioral issues including barking, jumping, integration with new dogs, people, other pets and/or children, as well as advanced obedience. She loves to be a part of the bonding process between people and their dogs, helping families understand and communicate with their pet.


Ottawa Bark Camp is a series of summer dog training "boot camps" in Ottawa, Ontario, designed to train both dogs and humans.

Using group drills and positive reinforcement, work as a team with your dog to practice specific skills such as Stay and Recall, Heel, Leave It, and more, while strengthening the dog's focus and socialization skills. Join us on Saturdays for a 1-hour workshop at a local dog-friendly park around Ottawa, followed by supervised play and Q & A with the trainers. We will be at different locations throughout the summer, allowing you to take a tour around the city with your four-legged family to parks like Bruce Pit, Conroy Pit, New Edinburgh Park and more. Check ourschedule for more details.

Don’t let our name fool you, although Bark Camp is a “boot camp” for dogs (and humans), we are not intimidating and we do not use punishment-based methods. Dog training should be fun for everyone, and that’s exactly why we have created an open environment of positivity and trust among all participants.

Everyone is welcome, including dog-human teams of any age or skill level. Beginners can take things at their own pace, and are more than welcome to challenge themselves, or sit back and observe the other teams with more advanced skills. Advanced duos are encouraged to help teams that are having trouble with any particular skill (which requires more patience from the advanced dog). Ready to join the fun?


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